Here's your weekly BLOG post about our most recent episode of The KNGDOM.

This will be done each week to provide our community with a summary of everything that was discussed on each episode.

We will use this space for special announcements that are too long for Instagram, Twitter, and other mediums. 


We did another edition of PICK EMs for 2022 - this week for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. We have a new format this year that includes a winner AND a loser each week.

We are going to start having guest picks as well. If you would like to enter the next PICK EMs, send us a message with the word "ANTARCTICA" and we will pick the winner.

Here's how the PICK EMs will work for 2022:
LOSER - Chugs beer, shotguns beer, or chugs other form of liquor


Reg - Hayden Buckley
Drums - Harry Higgs
Jor - Corey Connors


UPDATE FOR KNG 2-PERSON SCRAMBLE CIRCUIT: We have had several teams interested so it looks like this will be a go for the summer.

Here are the details that we have announced so far:

- 5-6 events + 1 championship
- 10 teams
*each team will have a sponsor that will be the name of that team.
- 2-6 golfers per team
- Format will be a 2-person scramble
*each team will send 2 players to each event
- Points will be given out each event (point system TBD)
- Prizes will be given to the winner of each event
- Majority of cash will be given to the League Champions
*teams can decide how to disburse the funds

Note: lots of details still to be determined and will be decided once we have enough interest for teams.

If you are interested in putting in a team, please reach out on Instagram or send an email to knggolfco@gmail.com!


Reggie's Stroke Saver - Reg gave 5 simples "rules" from Tiger Woods to help shave some strokes on the course. A few examples were; no double bogeys, no 3-putts, and a few others. 

Culture Corner - Drums gives a show suggestions about a Netflix documentary about a guy who cons women into transferring him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Based on a true story. 

UNNAMED Jor's new segment (possibly Two Pina Coladas) - Jor lists 5 reasons that he owns Bitcoin. A few examples; decentralization, fixed supply, and a few other revelations for those still believing in the debt slavery system of fiat money.


We also did a deep dive on a recent article from Dan Rappaport about PGA golfer Morgan Hoffman. Morgan was a stand-out player in university and had a very bright future on the PGA before being diagnosed with a type of muscular dystrophy.

We share some insights and our own experience, along with some wild stories from Morgan's treatment and somethings that he has tried. Including a grape cleanse for 16 days eating 800 grapes per day, a urine diet, and some experiences with DMT.

Morgan plans on returning to the PGA Tour and has a medical exemption for 3 tournaments that must be played in 2022.  


You can find the full episode here.


We have a new platform called The KNGDOM - you can find us on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. The KNGDOM will feature the best golf content on the internet through a new unique system of paying the content creators. 

That's right - if you have any golf content that we could use, we now have a portal set up for you to upload the videos. If we end up using your video, we will send you a payment of TFUEL (a type of cryptocurrency).

You can upload your videos here.

If you have any old golf videos on your camera roll, throw them on here and maybe you'll get some cash for them! And if you don't have any, make sure you keep your phone handy this summer on the course. Don't overdo it obviously, we are big proponents of pace of play, but you can occasionally pull it out and turn some content into crypto!

Our goal is to attract the best videos on the internet! We believe that you should be fairly rewarded for the videos that you film - instead of the giants keeping all the profits from your work! 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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