The KNG Cup is a unique 3-PERSON SCRAMBLE that will be held at Oak Island Resort on July 8, 2022.

We had an incredibly successful inaugural event in 2021 with some great teams. We are planning to follow the same format and style of event for this year.

The 3-person format provides the perfect combination of fun and competitiveness. Last year we had some very talented teams and crushed a few beers in the Oak Island sun! Can't wait to see everyone again this year!

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The inaugural KNG TWO BALLS will be held at Minnedosa Golf & Country Club on June 24, 2022!

The KNG Two Balls is a 2-PERSON SCRAMBLE that keep both partners on their toes and in the game. Less balls means less room for error. You're going to need both your balls to compete in this event!

The infamous Dosa National aka Minnedosa Golf & Country Club will be host for the inaugural KNG Two Balls for 2022! You will be paired with at least one other team for the day - maybe even two!

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The inaugural KNG BEST + WORST will be held at Rossman Lake Golf & Country Club on August 12, 2022!

The KNG Best + Worst is a unique 4-PERSON MODIFIED SCRAMBLE with a serious twist!

Every player will hit their tee shot and the team will choose the best one to play from. From there, every player will play their own ball into the cup. The team score will be the lowest score + the highest score on the hole.

For example, after everyone hits their tee shots, they decide to use Derek's ball. From there, the players will all play their own ball. The players end up shooting the following scores:
Derek - 8
Shane - 4
Dallas - 3
Buzz - 4
In this case, the team's score will be 11 (8+3)!

The hidden gem at Rossman Lake will be host for the inaugural KNG Best + Worst for 2022! You will be paired with another 4some for the day!

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