KNG CUP 2021


KNG CUP 2021

The Inaugural KNG Cup 2021 is a unique 3-PERSON SCRAMBLE that will be held at Oak Island Resort on July 9, 2021.

As of now, two 3-somes will play in a group together in what could end up being the first tournament of the summer and the best tournament of the summer. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
Based on the current entry forms that have been received, the Inaugural KNG Cup should have the perfect mixture of competitiveness and a ton of fun!



Format: 3-Person Scramble
Handicap: Each team MUST have at least 1 player with a handicap of 10 or above
Prizes: The tournament will feature a "winner takes all" type of prize structure with cash going to the winners and some very unique alternative prizes. More announcements will be made closer to the date!
KNG Golf will also be giving away closest-to-the-pin prizes including leather headcovers, hoodies, and other apparel. We will also have a few special prizes that have not been announced yet.
*each competitor will also receive a KNG Golf SnapBack hat!



When: July 9, 2021
Where: Oak Island Resort
Time: Shotgun start at Noon (subject to change based on ridiculous government restrictions)
Fee: $117 per golfer
Deadline: June 26, 2021
Registration: Fill out and email registration form to and then e-transfer $117 per player to this same email address.
*The first 36 teams to register and pay will be in!
Note 1: Each team must have at least 1 player with a handicap of 10 or above
Note 2: Each participant will receive food - meal will depend on restrictions


Registration Info

1. Please complete the registration form and email it to 
2. Send an e-transfer of $117 per player (a total team payment of $351 is preferred) to
*entry fee does NOT include carts but we can reserve them on your behalf if you include in the registration
**the entry form asks which event you would like to play at, so just disregard that section of the form!




*If you are viewing on your phone, turn your phone sideways or scroll right for Group B playing mates. You're welcome!

10:15 Justin Perreaux Brett Klassen  Mitch Kaminsky Justin Will Brady Potter Brad Pardy
10:22 Brett Farnsworth Dylan Chase Tandri Sigurdson Eric Watters Dallas Drysdale Muggy Buggims
10:30 Regan Hedley Joran Hedley Jason Drummond Jerron Kyle Jordy Pernarowski Mike Sparrow
10:37 Steve Desroches Jake Wiens Noah Wiens Dylan Mills Jeremy Mills Brendan Mills
10:45 Travis Sanheim Taylor Sanheim Tyler Mitchell Bryce Kyle Curtis Oliver Josh Martin
10:52 Cam McGhee Brian Buffie Joey Robertson Nolan Jago Dean Jago Brent Fines
11:00 Ben Brown Dustin Veitch Chris Taylor John Branden Jorgensen Sean McKean Reid Gow
11:07 Riley Shamray Dawson Barteaux Bradley Schoonbaert Brett Janz Owen Gillespie Mike Jule
11:15 Evan Marsh Sam Hall Brad Lesy Micah Croker Ben Croker Tim Croker
11:22 Harley Slon Carson Adams Brad Paschinski Shawn McQuarrie Gord McLean Branden Hrychuk
11:30 Ty Moffat Jesse Bernard Jesse Linner Joel Baron Josh McMillan Keean McLaren
11:37 Derrick Jensen Jason Still Dustin Hickman Mikal Sabeski Jayce Chuchmuch Steve Sabeski
11:45 Devin Moore Scott Phythian Nolan Mitchell Warren Birch Becky Birch Michael Reykdal
11:52 Skylar Thomas Sheldon Bone Colin Fay Brett Warbeck Chris Brown
12:00 Taylor Lamouline Riley Bodin Blake Isabey Zack Hodgson Jordan Chudley Cory King
12:07 Tanner Andrew Hunter Andrew Eric Reid Brady Mitchell Lance Bartel Gerhard Greenwald
12:15 Des Koop Michael Naviaux Henry Bartel Shane Keown Carter Routledge Daylin Smallchild