"Your network is your net worth"

We believe that being part of a network, community, or club will be one of your most valuable assets heading into the future. 

The KNG Golf Network (KGN) has three key goals: grow the game, grow the network, and grow together. It's a business network focused around the game of golf.  

The benefits are plentiful and, if done right, the membership pays for itself. 

How so?

Every month, KGN members receive exclusive offers based around golf. These will vary each month and include giveaways (like complimentary rounds of golf), discounts (from partners and business owners in the network), or a special contest.
So let's say the membership costs $117 per year - which it does. If you make use of only two of your complimentary rounds, well, you're officially out of the reds.

It basically costs you more not to be a member?

That's only the beginning though. KGN members are also get:

-Access to exclusive events. A great place to meet some new faces and play some new courses! We even have a TOUR 88 starting in May 2023 which will be a virtual tour - played in real life. You can play any course, send in some SATS, and the lowest net score for the week takes home the pot!

-Paid to share. Members have the ability to earn SATS and cash for helping us grow the brand. You can earn by sharing our content, sending in your golf videos, and giving your unique discount code out to your friends and family. 

-A boost to start your own KGN chapter? Start a page, use our brand, promote your local courses, and bring in new KGN members. You can even retail our gear in your local area if you want. 

And once you're a member for 365 days, your benefits increase. You gain access to the 88 SATS business directory, you become eligible to purchase a share in the 88 SATS fund, and the have ability to earn income for growing the network!

The earlier you are, the more influence you will hold in shaping the direction of this network!

Here's the PDF with a full breakdown of the benefits you will enjoy as a member.

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If you have any questions or if you'd like to join, just send an email to and we'll get you going. We accept cash, SATS, OR...

You can also purchase a membership on the website. Here's the link!

Memberships will only be available until July 1, 2023. We will begin selling memberships again in 2024 but as you'll see in the PDF, it pays to be early.