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Become part of the KNG Golf Network!

The KGN is a network based around the game of golf. 

Members have access to:
- Exclusive offers like complimentary golf, discounts from businesses within the network, and special contests. These are announced every month!
Exclusive access to our in-person and virtual events. Meet some new people and play some new courses! We even have a virtual tour where you can enter in your score every week to compete for the pot!
- Share to earn program which makes you an official ambassador for KNG Golf. You can earn SATS for sharing our content, sending in your golf videos, and sharing your unique KNG Golf discount with your friends and family!

And MUCH more.

And once you're a member for 365 days, your benefits increase. You gain access to the 88 SATS business directory, you become eligible to purchase a share in the 88 SATS fund, and the ability to earn income for growing the network!

The earlier you are, the more influence you will hold in shaping the direction of this network!

Note: Regular price for an annual membership is $150 but if you have an existing member give you their code, it's only $117 per year! Absolute no-brainer for any business owners who love golf! And even if you don't own a business, the exclusive access (giveaways, discounts, contests) will pay for the membership itself. 

Here's the PDF with a full breakdown of the benefits you will enjoy as a member. 

If you have any questions or would like to join, please email We prefer this route so Shopify doesn't take a cut! Haha

The KNG Golf Network - growing the game, growing the network, and growing together!