KNGDOM Podcast

The KNGDOM Podcast

As of August 2020, we are 9 episodes in! The episodes are weekly and include alot of info on the local courses, tips on shaving some strokes, and even features the odd special guest. 

So far we've had some special guests including Patrick Law (Head Pro at Minnedosa Golf Course) on to discuss Marathon Monday, Marty Minshull (Regional Director at IG Wealth) to give some tips on business development on the course, and Aaron Cockerill (the only Canadian currently playing on the European) to answer a ton of questions from the boys!

Here is the info on the podcast and the link below to listen!

The KNGDOM is a golf-focused podcast featuring three life-long friends in Canada. The guys discuss local courses and tournaments, experience with golf travel, the mental side of the game, and other tips to help get your handicap down. Music, sports, and commerce will also be thrown into the mix throughout the episodes. Follow us on twitter @kngdompodcast and join the conversation!

The KNGDOM Podcast is presented by KNG Golf and features a different FREE AD each week. 

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