Starting in January 2022, we will be launching a new project called The KNGDOM.

In November and December, we are going to be doing a test run to ensure our portal and payment structure is working. We are looking for individuals to be part of this crew. If you are interested, you can begin uploading your videos NOW! See below for the link to our portal.


The KNGDOM is a platform that will showcase the best golf content on the planet. In order to attract the best golf content on the planet, you have to do something different. And we are. We are going to start paying YOU for your golf content to be shared across our channels. 

In a new type of rewards system, we will be paying you in TFUEL! If you don't know what TFUEL is, that's totally fine. It's a cryptocurrency that can be sent to anyone in the world in about 2 minutes without the need for your name, address, or banking information. 


If you have some golf videos that you think we could use, head over to our portal now and start uploading! The link to upload your videos is

Once the video is uploaded, and we end up using it, we will reach out to sign a contract and get your wallet address. Once we receive that information, we will send the TFUEL and you should get it in about 2 minutes!

You can find some videos below explaining the project, how to download a theta wallet, and how to upload a video on the portal. If you have any questions or if you're having issues, please reach out! Send us a message on any of our social pages, or email us at!

Here's the video explaining the project, showing you how to upload videos on our portal, and how to download a Theta wallet to earn some TFUEL!